VULCAN GeoStatModeller

VULCAN GeoModeller bundled with Advanced Geostatistics as described below.

hard rock model

Advanced Geostatistics


The geostatistics module in VULCAN uses the GSLIB code established by Andre G. Journel and Clayton V. Deutsch of Stanford University, California. Cross-validation, kriging, inverse distance methods, ordinary kriging and stochastic simulation techniques can be applied.

Classical statistics catered for in VULCAN include Sichels 'T' estimates, trend surface analysis, least squares regression and curve fitting, normal, log-normal, 3 parameter log normal distribution analysis and grade above cut-off analysis. All methods can be represented graphically by cumulative log normal plots, tetrahedral plots, scatter diagrams or simple histograms and line plots.


Standard variography tools allow for the calculation of semi-variograms in multiple directions in a single session, while calculating absolute, semi-variograms can be modelled using various mathematical models. The 3 dimensional resultant ellipsoidal shape can be represented graphically next to the raw data and solid models to ensure directional integrity. The validity of the semi-variograms can be analysed using cross validation techniques and standard statistical tools. Variogram modelling supports spherical, exponential, linear, gaussian and De Wijsian models.